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Fike's Dairy, Inc. v. Cardiello

August 4, 2008


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Terrence F. McVerry United States District Court Judge

Chapter 7


Pending before the Court is an appeal from the order of the Bankruptcy Court dated April 9, 2008 filed by Fike's Dairy, Inc. ("Fike's"). Fike's filed a comprehensive brief in support of its position (Document No. 5), appellee Natalie Lutz Cardiello, the Chapter 7 Trustee for the Estate of Dairy Consulting, Inc. ("DCI") filed a brief in response (Document No. 6), Fike's filed a reply brief (Document No. 7), and the appeal is ripe for disposition.

The underlying decision of the Bankruptcy Court was set forth in a thorough, 65- page Memorandum Opinion dated April 9, 2008. Although the April 9, 2008 Order granted DCI's motion for partial summary judgment, it constituted an appealable final order because all other issues had been resolved by stipulation of the parties.

Fike's recognizes that the underlying facts are not in dispute. Instead, Fike's presents the following legal issues in this appeal: (1) whether DCI's claim to consulting fees survived the November 2002 termination of the contracts that gave rise to the claim such that DCI's claim remained viable through February 2004; (2) whether the consulting fees that would have been paid to DCI but for the lack of consent from Fike's principal lender, Congress Financial Corporation ("Congress"), became due and payable when Congress's debt was repaid; and (3) whether Fike's parent corporation, Protein Holdings, Inc. ("Protein Holdings"), could qualify as a "principal lender" within the meaning of the Marketing Consulting Agreement ("MCA") and related Letter Agreement, such that it could withhold consent for payment to DCI.

Factual Background

At all relevant times, Fike's was in the business of manufacturing and distributing dairy products. On May 28, 1997, Fike's purchased the assets of Taylor Milk Company from Joseph S. Taylor, III. Taylor Milk Company became a 45% shareholder in Fike's and Taylor acquired a seat on Fike's Board of Directors. Simultaneously, Fike's entered into a consulting agreement (the MCA) with DCI, a company organized at the time of the transaction and wholly owned by Mr. Taylor. Pursuant to the MCA, Fike's agreed to pay DCI a consulting fee commencing on July 1, 1997, the payment terms of which were set forth in a Letter Agreement.

The Letter Agreement, also dated May 28, 1997, provided: "As compensation for the management services provided pursuant to the [MCA], each year during the term of the [MCA], Fike shall pay to DCI or its assigness a consulting fee (the "Consulting Fee") in the amount of $500,000 per year." The Letter Agreement further set forth a procedure for making payments via monthly draws and for resolving any outstanding balance. Both the monthly draw and the unpaid balance refer to the approval of Fike's principal lender. Specifically, the Letter Agreement states: "The amount of ... DCI's draw ... shall be dependent upon the maximum monthly amount of consulting fee distribution ("MMA") approved by Fike's principal lender (currently Congress Financial Corp.) (Emphasis added). Similarly, the Letter Agreement provides: "Any portion of the Consulting Fee for a fiscal year which is not paid in the form of the DCI Draw shall be due and payable August 15 following the end of the fiscal year, subject to the approval of Fike's principal lender."*fn1 (Emphasis added). The Letter Agreement also states: "If the amount paid to DCI is less than the amount due to it then an amount equal to such deficit shall be posted to a 'DCI Due To' account."

From July 1, 1997 through October 31, 2000, Fike's paid all sums due to DCI under the MCA, presumably with the approval of Congress. Starting in November, 2000, Fike's stopped paying the consulting fees to DCI. On October 31, 2002, the MCA terminated by its terms due to the reacquisition of Taylor's stock by Protein Holdings. In February 2004, the loans made by Congress to Fike's were repaid as part of a transaction in which Fike's sold substantially all of its assets to United Dairy and ceased operations. At oral argument in the Bankruptcy Court, Fike's counsel informed the judge that there was no independent lender after Congress was repaid, but argued that Protein Holdings became the "principal lender" by virtue of the large amounts of money it had loaned to Fike's in the past.

The time period for which consulting fee payments are at issue is from November 1, 2000 through October 31, 2002. Fike's does not dispute that DCI performed all of the services that were contractually required of it under the MCA. Fike's never received permission from Congress to pay consulting fees to DCI for this period.

The amount of fees claimed by DCI is not in dispute. Fike's consolidated financial statement for the nine months ended March 31, 2002*fn2 listed a liability for "Marketing and consulting fees (unsecured)" to DCI of $887,000. From March 31 through October 31, 2002, Fike's accrued an additional 7/12th of the annual fee, or $291,666. Thus, DCI claims entitlement to consulting fees totaling $1,178,666.*fn3

Legal Analysis

Fike's reasons as follows: (1) the Letter Agreement clause "subject to the approval of Fike's principal lender" creates a condition precedent that must be fulfilled before Fike's obligation to make payment to DCI arises; (2) from November 2000 through November 2002, Congress was Fike's "principal lender" and Congress never gave consent to payment of DCI's consulting fees, during the time period or afterwards; (3) the parties' agreement terminated on November 2, 2002, before the condition precedent was fulfilled, and thus, the consulting fees never became payable; and (4) once the agreement terminated without fulfillment of the condition precedent, it could not be revived by later events. Fike's reasons in the alternative that even assuming, arguendo, that DCI's claim survived the contract termination, Protein Holdings became its principal lender and continued to withhold consent to pay DCI. Thus, Fike's contends that it has no obligation to pay any additional consulting fees to DCI.

DCI contends that Fike's duty to pay consulting fees had accrued and its liability was absolute. DCI interprets the Lender Approval Clause to mean that Fike's principal lender could postpone, but could not permanently avoid, payment of the consulting fees. DCI argues that a Similarly, the deposition testimony of Whitcomb Gallagher cited by DCI occurred prior to termination of the MCA. balance owed under a contract is not extinguished at the expiration of that contract. DCI reasons that the obligation became fully payable at the latest on February 29, 2004 when Congress was repaid, as Fike's no longer had a "principal lender" that could withhold consent to payment. DCI further contends that Protein Holdings cannot be a "principal lender" as contemplated in the parties' ...

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